Will be a process to determine the skill level and the needs of players and will be used to help develop training programs that would best suit that player will to play the game.

During tryouts coaches will run specific drills and exercise that will help in determining that players strengths and weaknesses. Coaches will provide feedback to assist with helping that player become a more productive team member.

Players for the team will not be selected on skill alone but on the determination they have to play the game the dedication they will have for their teammates and the discipline they show towards trying to improve themselves as a whole.

Tournament attendance will be based on the ability of the team to participate and coaches recommendation.


AYSA gives those players that miss an opportunity to play a regularly scheduled game or practice a make-up session which assist in providing players with the ability to work on skills that they are striving to achieve.

AYSA offers open tryouts during the May and January session as part of the training that is provided. Any training missed during tryouts is not a make-up session.


AYSA must attend each regular season game for teams that train twice during the week and one fourth games for those teams that practice once a week. No tournament games will be substituted for regular games.


Any sessions that have been cancel due to weather or other natural causes will be made up.

AYSA will make every effort to inform all parents/schools/coaches of any sessions that have been cancel due weather or other natural causes. It is the coach's responsibility to notify all of the training status.

Should a training sessions is already in progress and must be interrupted due to the weather no make-up sessions will be given.

In case the weather becomes an issue, all children will be taken to a safe haven. AYSA will make alternate arrangements if it is the parent's request; it is the coach's responsibility to ensure the safety and well being of all players and staff.

If the coach cancels any regularly scheduled session during a training period it will not be made-up. During specially marked holidays such as: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, Eater, etc; there will not be any scheduled training sessions. AYSA will however; provide a make-up session if requested for the missed session for that day.

Players that have missed a regular training session due to illness etc; will have the chance to make up that session during an alternate training session that is age appropriate and within the same time week. The parents of players absent must first inform AYSA of the training needs and must obtain approval from the coach.


AYSA is dedicated to providing its teams with positive and energizing spirits upon game day. Half time is for regrouping and reformation to discuss what ever might be going on with the players on the field or personally.

AYSA will not:

  • Tolerate any profane language.
  • Base playing time on skill.
  • Accept any individual playing (only team work).
  • Condone any violent behavior.


Checks will be accepted in the full amount payable to Ade Youth Soccer Academy, which will be collected before the first game.

Payment plan can be developed based on approval. Please contact the AYSA for more details.


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