AYSA Program

AYSA Program

The Ade Youth Soccer Academy is developed to challenge players mentally, physically, and spiritually on the soccer field and through life changes. The combination of professional soccer instruction and character development is incorporated to fit the changes of today's youth. Team members are always given an uplifting word of encouragement to live life with integrity during the time of participation in the academy. AYSA's goal is to equip today's youth with the leadership, knowledge, understanding, commitment, and etiquette tools to promote key aspects of a Christian and positive life. The major components of AYSA includes:  

Honesty            Loyalty

Respect             Punctuality 

Diligence           Commitment

Humbleness     Mercifulness

Self-Control      Positive Attitude

AYSA is not only dedicated to the roll of the game but also to producing a high quality, professional, stimulating, enriching soccer environment and training program.
Team Training

  • AYSA has an exclusive program for competitive players. AYSA teams play amongst several clubs within the Houston Youth Soccer Association (HYSA).
  • AYSA holds tryouts to develop its teams for the fall/spring sessions, and does not select solely based on skill but on the grounds or dedication to the team, teamwork, and the game itself.
  • AYSA's training is not only geared for the physical aspect of the game, but also to help players with leadership, self-esteem, obedience, and team roles.
  • AYSA also takes great pride in training its players and team coaches to have a happy and positive soccer experience.
  • AYSA looks into a complete and uniquely designed curriculum that benefits all aspects of technical and tactical features for each specific team and specific age.
  • AYSA is committed to training the minds, heart, and spirits of their teams to become more productive on and off the field. Working directly with the team coaches, parents, and community to develop greatly respected youth of today that will benefit the world of tomorrow.

Objectives for Trainers

  • AYSA promotes only encouraging standards of high quality in regards to safety.
  • AYSA provides age appropriate and skill level training both on the technical and tactical sides.
  • AYSA strives to uplift youth to play at their best levels and to place the game in the prospective of living every day life.


In addition to the academy, our coaching staff also dedicate part of their time to the coaching needs of some highly regarded schools. We supply the coaching staff they need so together, we can train the stars of tomorrow.


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