About Professional Combine

The professional combine/world showcase is an avenue for soccer players aspiring to play professional to come and expose their talent first to our agencies highly qualified talent evaluators. If our evaluators believe a player has what it takes to make it as professional then they will be placed on our very exclusive select team. This select team will consist of the best found players from all over the world. The players will then come together as a team and travel to different countries playing in tournaments organized by our agency as well as local clubs. Opponents ranging from highest league in that country all the way down.

It will be the responsibility of the players selected for this team to come up with the funds in order to travel to the various countries. These expenses include travel, accommodation, food, transportation and other miscellaneous charges.  Our agency has the responsibility of assuring the player that he will have the time and platform in order to expose his talents to coaches and scouts all over the world. Along with that our agency also takes the responsibility of assuring the player that he will not be taken anywhere in which his health or well-being would be put in danger.

Also upon selection and payment of funds for the World Showcase, contracts between player and agency will be written out and signed by both parties. These contracts will state that ASM is sole representative of said player for an agreed period of time. Meaning that negotiations and talks between player and interested club will be handled and mediated by ASM. After a player has signed for his initial club with ASM and or his agreed contract time is up, it is the player's option to request future representation by ASM in his career.

As the matches of the tournament are played and completed, coaches and scouts are welcome to voice their interest in a player and then talks may begin between ASM, the club, and the player himself. Upon the completion of negotiation and all terms being met the player is officially a member of said club and ASM will not interfere in and club to player relations, unless of course contract terms are being reached by either the player or club. Otherwise ASM has completed its intended job.

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