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Another aspect of ASM is its Player Management branch. ASM has employed some of the top agents in the world of football (soccer), and these agents have made contact and relations with teams all over the world. In areas from Europe, Asia, North & South America, to Africa ASM's experienced agents have found and promised teams top quality players. From some of the smallest clubs in not so popular areas, all the way to the highest clubs in the largest leagues in the world, ASM's agents are responsible for taking ASM's contracted players to clubs that are in need of their services. ASM's agents in conjunction with the vast pool of quality players will be taking the hidden talent that has been found by ASM's scouts to all the corners of the football (soccer) world.


ASM Players:

             Example: NAME: Ayodeji J. Adeniran (Picture Above)

                            DOB: 9th July, 1992

                            NATIONALITY: Nigerian/American

                            POSITION: Midfield

                            HEIGHT: 156cm (5ft 11in)

                            WEIGHT: 78kg (172lbs)

                            CURRENT CLUB: Benfica

ASM Agents:

              Example: NAME: Adebisi Adeniran

                             REGIONS: USA, Portugal, Malaysia

                             NAME: Emeka Achilefu

                             REGIONS: Vietnam, Korea


                            NAME: Andrew Uwe

                            REGIONS: Germany


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