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Travel Program

Travel Program

With Ade Sport Management,  there is no such a thing as a standard soccer tour - a "take it or leave it" situation. Your soccer tour is too special for you and for your girls soccer team or boys soccer team to settle for arrangements that might not be quite right. With Ade Sport Management, Europe shows a personal face. That face belongs to a dedicated local Ade Sport Management soccer tour representative who hosts your girls soccer team or boys soccer team in his or her area. That face also belongs to the soccer tournament organizer who welcomes you to the soccer tournament park; to the coach leading the soccer clinic or soccer camp, and the leader whose soccer team plays a friendly soccer match with your girls soccer team or boys soccer team.

With Ade Sport Management Tours you do not visit as a tourist. Instead you are a much-appreciated guest - a soccer friend from North America. With Ade Sport Management Tours, you will discover how a love for soccer truly unites the world!



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