About College Showcase

ASM over the years has built strong relations with some of the highest quality soccer programs when it comes to Universities and Colleges in the US. These institutions range from NCAA Division 1,2 & 3, to NAIA and Junior College, spanning all across the United States. Due to our history of bringing top quality players to these schools our word on the ability and level of a player is taken very seriously by coaches. With that being said we make it a priority to evaluate players based on their ability, potential, as well as personal and soccer character solely, and not because of any affiliation.

The ASM College Showcase has many different forms. We conduct showcases locally based out of Houston, Texas located in the US, but also we conduct international college showcases in countries such as Nigeria & Ghana, West Africa, Tanzania located in East Africa, as well as various areas. In regards to the showcases done in the US we have dates, times, and locations in which players register, come and compete in games in which coaches are invited from all over to come and watch and evaluate all the players. Then almost always the coaches find talented players in which they feel will fit into their team. After the players are evaluated and chosen by the coaches they then follow up with the player with the help of ASM to make sure the necessary paper work and exams are taken care of in order to have the players enrolled into their institution.

Another form of ASM's college showcase is the international version. This showcase is predominately for international students in the countries in which it is hosted, or also close surrounding countries. ASM plans and organizes, with the help of local officials, schools, and business, a showcase conducted in the same format as that of the ones done in the US. The only difference is that for the international version, ASM hand picks the coaches of certain schools and transports them to the different countries in order to evaluate and search for talented international players that would like to come to the US to attend university. In the same manner ASM helps the coaches in facilitating paper work and exams documents in order for the players to be cleared by international rules, and enrolled into their institutions. The primary goal of this branch of ASM is to bring the opportunity of a higher education to young people in areas in which they may not have easy access to such a privilege.


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